• One of the Printing Methods of the Hand Fan Aug 28,2020
    The method of digital sublimation transfer printing on fabrics is also called vapor phase heat transfer printing. The basic production method of transfer printing is to first make applicable dyes into ink, then print into decals, and then overlap decals and fabrics, heat, press or decompress, the dyes on the paper will be sublimated and transferred in vapor phase into the fabric. Pressing type tra...
  • The Workmanship of Bamboo Folding Hand Fan Part II Aug 21,2020
    The another important process is to print the fan covering. Referred to the folding fan covering printing, the common used materials are paper, polyester fabric, poly cotton fabric and spun silk. For paper hand fan covering printing, the offset printing equipment is used (4-color Heidelberg printing machine or 8-color Koenig & Bauer printing machine with accurate colors and bright colors, whic...
  • The Workmanship of Bamboo Folding Hand Fan Part I Aug 14,2020
    Choosing bamboo is one of the most important processes. The quality of the fan ribs determines the quality of the hand fan. Before cutting bamboo, we need to check whether the bamboo has flaws. The tender bamboo is not firm, but loose and easily deformed. While the texture of the old bamboo is too rough to processed. Therefore, it is better to choose bamboo of about 5 years. What’s more, the spars...

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