One of the Printing Methods of the Hand Fan Aug 28,2020

The method of digital sublimation transfer printing on fabrics is also called vapor phase heat transfer printing. The basic production method of transfer printing is to first make applicable dyes into ink, then print into decals, and then overlap decals and fabrics, heat, press or decompress, the dyes on the paper will be sublimated and transferred in vapor phase into the fabric.

Pressing type transfer printing process. Taking bamboo hand fan covering - polyester as an example, the most suitable process conditions should be at 205°C for 20-30s. But the effect is not good at 170~180℃for only 10s. If at 180~190℃for 15~10s, only ring dyeing effect can be achieved. If it is at 230~240℃ for above 40s, it will feel rough and hard, if at 240℃ for above 45s, it will be close to melting. Different types of fabric fibers have different transfer conditions.

In addition to temperature and time, the pressure is also a very important condition during transferring. If the pressure is too small, the gap between the fabric and the decal will be large, and the yarn will be round. In this way, the dye gas molecules collide with the air in a large amount and escape, resulting in poor effect. At the same time, the dye is easy to permeate, the lines are thick and the patterns are blurred. If the pressure is increased, the yarns can become flat, the gap between the fabric and the paper is small, the transfer color effect is good, the pattern is clear, and the lines are smooth and fine. However, if the pressure is too high, it will cause deformation, fluffing and changes in the morphology of heavy fabrics, and produce aurora, which will bring about the shortcomings of rough hand feeling and colored surface.

The above is the introduction of one of the printing methods of the Hand Fan- thermal transfer process.

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