The Workmanship of Bamboo Folding Hand Fan Part I Aug 14,2020

Choosing bamboo is one of the most important processes. The quality of the fan ribs determines the quality of the hand fan. Before cutting bamboo, we need to check whether the bamboo has flaws. The tender bamboo is not firm, but loose and easily deformed. While the texture of the old bamboo is too rough to processed. Therefore, it is better to choose bamboo of about 5 years. What’s more, the sparse and dense spacing of the bamboo joints is better to be over 30cm.

There are six processes of material preparation: cutting, splitting, scraping, cooking, thinning, and burning. After cutting down the selected bamboo, remove the knots of the bamboo and cut according to the length of the hand fan ribs with a margin, scrape off the turquoise surface of the bamboo, and dry it in the sun to turn it into light yellow for use. Generally it takes 3 days until cyan is not visible on the surface. Steaming and dyeing is to keep the hand fan ribs harmonious and beautiful. The color of the hand fan ribs generally includes dark red, brown, black, tea and natural colors. The purpose of thinning and burning is to ensure the appearance of the whole hand fan after the paper or fabric is glued to the hand fan ribs. The small ribs will be processed to make the blade line become an arc after the fan ribs are opened. Otherwise, the unevenness of the arc will affect the appearance of the hand fan .

Hollowed-out pattern and engraving can be customized according to the needs of customers. Such as punching holes, flat plates, customized patterns, etc. are engraved by laser machines

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