The Workmanship of Bamboo Folding Hand Fan Part II Aug 21,2020

The another important process is to print the fan covering. Referred to the folding fan covering printing, the common used materials are paper, polyester fabric, poly cotton fabric and spun silk.

For paper hand fan covering printing, the offset printing equipment is used (4-color Heidelberg printing machine or 8-color Koenig & Bauer printing machine with accurate colors and bright colors, which are imported from Germany.).

For the polyester and poly cotton fabric hand fan covering, the high-definition digital thermal transfer printing is used. The image in the computer is passed through the high-definition printer with thermal transfer ink, and the pattern is sprayed on the thermal transfer paper, and then transferred by thermal transfer. Print on the fabric you want to transfer. (Mature technology, wide application, can also be used for printing on clothing and bags).

The next step is to cut the fan into the required arc, fold it through the machine, and then finalize the folded fan. The folded and shaped fan covering can be pasted on the fan ribs, and then a hand fan is completed.

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