Why polyester is chosen as one of our materials for hand fan? Aug 07,2020

You might wonder why polyester is used to make our bamboo folding fabric hand fan. Let’s introduce polyester to you today!

Polyester is made of polyester yarns or fibers. The name is shortened from a synthetic, man-made polymer, which is most commonly referred to as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Except being used as our folding hand fan covering, it also can be used to create clothing, furnishings, textiles etc.

It’s characteristics are durable, resistant to wrinkling, streching, abrasions and shrinking. It can not only keep its shape very well but easily dyed. Polyester is strong yet lightweight. It is thermoplastic, or heat-sensitive, we just need to upload your design and image, after printing it can be laser-cut into the hand fan arc-shaped.

bamboo folding fabric hand fan

The above, that’s why we choose polyester as one of our hand fan materials, it is stain-resistance and perfect for full colour printing. You don’t need to worry your hand fan will out of shape.

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